Bart Peeters Photography


Usually, we let our images speak for themselves

but now and then an extra word of advice is due. Specializing in jewelry and watches, Bart Peeters Photography is your partner of choice when seeking imaging solutions for your precious ware: cufflinks, earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, charms, brooches, watches,… any jewelry piece containing precious metals or stones. Here, we are confronted with image processing on a broad scale of surface types (reflective, matte, grainy, coated, metallic …), combined with their behavior in different lighting circumstances and how, finally, the image is interpreted and stored in a consumer’s visual memory. To this end, lighting, focus, noise, luminance, gamma, color, and other variables all need to be considered extremely carefully from initial capture, to processing, to post-processing and final delivery.
Utmost passion for detail. Most photographers fail to capture the intricate details of jewelry and watches, simply because of the time-consuming and painstaking process required after image capture. Often, we see lack of attention to details on the image itself - usually mistakes related to sub-par lighting and primitive or no post-processing - or a nearly unusable final picture because of errors made on resolution or color handling of the image. For us, details are a driver, not a nuisance.
Peace of mind. We offer a highly secure shooting location. Using industry-standard safes and professional office security systems, your timepieces are safely stored while off-set, during, for example, longer shoots. We are open to discuss and collaborate on the required logistics.
Mobility is often an issue. Not for us. We can offer the same quality in any location. Our photography hardware enables the flexibility we need. In addition to being mobile, this also aids us to insert easily in your project or production workflow.