Bart Peeters Photography


Flora eats Fauna

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Who are they?
(Animals? Plants? Organisms? Objects? Bodies? Humans?… Creatures?)
If we are vulnerable, how vulnerable are they?
Who nurtures who? Does life precede death, or does death precede life?

Come and wander amongst ‘the others’, let yourself get intertwined in a cycle caught between defense and protection, captivating beauty and cruelty.
Discover your own values through their bewildering characteristics. We need each other.

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(Schmuck Week)

Artists: Nora Rochel, Dana Hakim, Susanne Wolbers, Leonore Jock,

Jasmin Matzakow, Stephanie Hensle, Jimin Kim, Hannah Joris

Johannissaal at Schloss Nymphenburg

Opening: 08.03 - Friday, 16:30 - 21:00

Opening hours: Saturday-Sunday, 10:00 -17:00