Bart Peeters Photography


Small Sculptures

ATLANTA, GA - USA - Recently, we were contacted by jewelry designer Joyce N Ryan in Atlanta, USA, where we met with her and her staff.
Her collection of beaded jewelry is curently a big hype in the USA. 


She wrote a statement for his newsletter:


"I think of the jewelry I make as small intricate sculptures. I am drawn to the contrasts of beads against silver. I love the fluidity and color of the beads against the coldness of the silver. I look for ways to play with light and color as they are affected by material, texture, and translucency. I like to work with how the color changes, not just with the juxtaposition of the elements, but with how the light behaves when it comes in with the differing surfaces.

With his years of dark room experience, Bart brings a profound understanding to his work in Photoshop that few photographers weaned strictly on digital work seem to possess any longer. He has the ability and to deal with the tremendous technical difficulties behind faithfully rendering all the myriad surfaces I can throw at him, usually in the same piece. What is especially delightful to me is how he gets that these pieces are sculpture. He makes them seem big at the same time they are small. Magic!"

- Joyce N Ryan -